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Secret Jardin Grow Rooms and Grow Room Accessories

SECRET JARDIN, a company specialising in the field of climate-controlled horticulture, was founded in 2006. This indoor grow tent manufacturing company was the first to incorporate hammered effect mylar into its tents (with the Mylar serving as a barrier to toxins generated by PVC, with a reflectivity value of over 95%).

Our aim is to enable everyone to grow plants in a portable environment by reproducing, and controlling natural environmental factors that affect growth. We combine research, innovation and manufacturing quality to bring you total satisfaction with all our models.

Secret Jardin grow tents have therefore been designed for growing all types of plants, even those that require specific conditions (orchids, aloe vera, citrus plants, carnivorous or tropical plants…) in order to meet the demands and needs of beginners, and more experienced indoor gardeners alike.

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