BGH Trimmer Rental Program


Maybe you have a grow that's too large for you to trim yourself, but too small to justify purchasing a trimmer. Or maybe you've been thinking about purchasing the best trimmer on the market (the Centurion Pro, of course!) but want to do a "test drive" before you drop the cash. We understand. We can help.

If you're in the Southern California area and are within driving distance of our Pasadena location you can take advantage of our Trimmer Rental Program. In a nutshell, you leave us a deposit for the trimmer and accessories, pay us $400 per day for the rental fee, and we refund the balance when you return the trimmer. And, if you decide to keep the unit, you pay only the cost of the trimmer - the rental fee is on us. 

To learn more give us a call at 626-200-1021 and we'll go over the fine print.

And if you have any questions regarding any aspect of the operation or performance of the Centurion Pro line of trimmers, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you plan on renting a trimmer, here are some videos we highly recommend you watch before visiting us. You can view all of these videos on the BGHydro Youtube Channel, as well as the Centurion Pro Youtube Channel.


The first video shows how to remove and clean the blade, which should be performed every few hours of operation:


Here's a video that shows how to set everything up once you get it unloaded:


Most customers will opt to return the trimmer "dirty" and have us clean it for them. In case you opt to clean it yourself, here's how (we'll even throw in the pressure washer, grease gun and everything else you will need):