Solis Tek

Solis Tek Digital Lighting

SolisTek Inc. is a Los Angeles based company that offers digital grow light products.

With the need for improvement in lighting technology for the hydroponic industry, we saw an opportunity to introduce software based technologies such as Ignition Control, Sense Smart, and the Matrix LCD ballast. All of which, have since changed the entire industry standards of manufacturing digital ballasts.

With our inside and out understanding of the horticulture industry and extensive knowledge and network in sourcing and manufacturing, it was a match made in heaven to bring the latest and greatest improvements on products that have stayed the same for years.

Our Mission is to always stay on top of the game with new innovative technology and improvements. We refuse to solely compete on price as all others are resorting to. Anyone can play the price game, but only a few elite businesses can survive based on innovation, quality and great product design. SolisTek is best known for the special features that we have brought and essentially standardized in the industry. Those features and products include Ignition Control technology, Sense Smart pre-diagnostic safety checks, Matrix LCD Digital Ballast and our HILED panel. We currently sell to 5 different countries in Europe, Australia, Canada and of course our home territory the USA.

One of our most prized achievements is the less than 0.5% return rate, and that will save the end users the headache of having to waste valuable time and money on inferior products that provide lower quality light and most likely to fail prematurely.

Majority of our feedback talks about our best features which is our quality of light and low return rates. Others also talk about the higher yields they experience using our matched systems. Lighting is one of the most critical components of an indoor garden. The quality of light that you provide your plants will directly affect your end product.

The indoor horticulture industry has been littered by copies of poorly designed product SolisTek is looking to better our industry with our innovation of new technologies. We strive to better educate the end users on how to use our products to the maximum efficiency and also provide the right tools such as the different color options for our Metal Halide lamps that provide more UV spectrum than any other lamp on the market.

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