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Primordial Solutions’ mission is to improve life on the planet

Primordial Solutions LLC is a division of ABC Organics, which was founded by John T. Agulia in 1996. Our products solve the four primary problems of today’s farmer: Optimized water absorption, greater yield from less land, improved nutritional content and soil restoration – and it’s all accomplished without pesticides and environmental pollutants.

An agronomist and landscape contractor, John understood the increasing struggle of modern farming with decreasing resources. He turned his attention and his focus to solving these problems.

A few years later, John met Lisa Berman, his wife to be, and discovered they shared the same concerns and beliefs. Lisa worked as massage therapist and managed the daily finances of their business, while John spent his days working tirelessly to find the answers to poor food yields, low nutritional content and water demands.

After years of experimentation, study and scientific analysis, John identified the solution to all four problems and began sharing those answers with local farmers. Before his life’s work was complete, John died in 2006 from an extended illness.

After her husband passed away, Lisa was determined to carry on her husband’s work while raising their children. Longtime family friend and customer of ABC Organics, Phil McGrath, introduced Joseph L. Johnson to Lisa, and in 2010, Lisa and Joseph formed a partnership and Primordial Solutions was born. Today, Lisa is the Chief Financial Officer of Primordial Solutions, and Joseph serves as the Chief Executive Officer.

It’s Soil Science, Not Fertilizer

Unlike fertilizers, Primordial Solutions’ environmentally-friendly products work synergistically with the billions of pre-existing microbes in the soil to enhance nutrient uptake, improve plant health and vigor and support soil sustainability.

“We’ve formulated these highly concentrated, natural solutions to benefit both mankind and the earth,” says Johnson, CEO of ABC Organics. “Primordial Solutions’ natural  products support biological processes applied by Mother Nature for eons so our customers can grow more than they ever dreamed possible, in an earth-friendly way, while reducing costs.”

“We are leading a global movement to promote awareness of how stimulation of natural microbial processes enhance plant quality and yield – while sustaining soil health for future generations,” declares Ms. Agulia.

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