Microclone Tissue Culture Kits and Supplies

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  • Plant Tissue Culture 50 vials

    50 of the polypropylene 4oz flip-top vials for tissue culture use. Autoclavable and reusable. Learn More
  • Root Kit for Tissue Culture

    Hormones and media items for rooting. Hormones include IBA and NAA auxin rooting hormones.

    Kit includes nutrients, vitamins, hormone, preservative and exclusive GelAgar gelling medium. All items premeasured to make one liter of finished medium and shipped in a reusable 4-oz. tissue culture vessel.

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  • Microclone Seed Starter Kit

    Germinate valuable and old seeds that need extra care to survive. Kit lets growers clean the seeds' surface of threatening organisms, hydrate the seeds in head start solution, and germinate in sterile media. Kit includes ten tubes of sterilized coco in a tray of tubes, seed washing and hydrating vial with temperature gauge, surface sterilizing compound, hydrating solution, forceps, sealing tape and instructions. Also includes two tissue culture rescue tubes.

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  • Plant Tissue Culture Multi TDZ1

    Thidiazuron or TDZ is the recommended hormone for woody plants. Kit includes nutrients, vitamins, hormone, preservative and exclusive GelAgar gelling medium. All items premeasured to make one liter of finished medium and shipped in a reusable 4-oz. vial. Learn More
  • Multi Kit for Tissue Culture

    Establishment & Multiplication Media Pack. Contains nutrients, hormones, gel and preservative to make one liter establishment/multiplication media.

    Components are premeasured to make one liter of finished media. Contains one 4.43g bag or one 60ml bottle of MS nutrient salts with Gamborg formula vitamins, one 30ml or one 60ml bottle of Establishment/Multiplication hormones and one ml PPM preservative, and one 3.76 bag of proprietary blend gel gum powder/agar mix. Add together with two tablespoons (30 grams) of ordinary white sugar and filtered water to make one liter of media.

    One liter of media fills 50 6-oz. flip-top vials or 30 4- or 6-oz. baby food jars.

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  • Plant Tissue Culture Kit - Starter Kit

    With tissue culture you can grow your favorite plants in small glass and plastic containers in very small areas, saving space and light. Imagine cutting parts from your favorite plants and seeing them generate fresh shoots and roots before your eyes. The new plants explode with bushy growth energized by the nutrients and hormones. In commercial applications, roses are flowered in tissue culture and orchid growers use tissue culture to speed up new growth of their valuable new breeds. Now you can employ these same techniques at home. Universities and research companies maintain expensive laboratories for multiplying their valuable plants and exposing their hidden genetics, but the same practice can now be easily done at home.

    Instead of taking cuttings from a mother plant that requires lots of maintenance, space, and equipment, you can multiply plants in small self-contained glass jars. This eliminates the traditional the care and tending of mother plants and allows for an even greater bank of plant genetics in a smaller space; no need for watering/nutrients, eliminates bug and pest infestations, no HID lighting or ventilation required.

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  • Cloning Rack Grow Tray - 45 x 25.5"

    The Microclone Rack Tray fits into the standard chrome and steel racks chosen by clone growers for its efficient use of space and light. Many retail stores, plant shops, web postings, and magazine articles reveal how popular racks are for cloning. The prop trays line up neatly in rows of as many as four per shelf and such rack systems have five or six shelves for prop trays and low profile lighting. Fluorescent fixtures, especially T-5s, fit naturally in the plant shelves. Clone growers put their propagation trays under the lights like a baker cooling trays of cookies. Until now, growers watered and drained trays by hand. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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