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We Know What We Grow, then We Grow What We Know

At BetterGrow Hydro, our knowledge and expertise in hydroponics and commercial farming comes from the fact that we have been using - and perfecting - our growing techniques for over 20 years.

Living Lettuce Hydroponic FarmLiving Lettuce Hydroponic FarmLiving Lettuce Hydroponic FarmLiving Lettuce Hydroponic Farm

BetterGrow Hydro is an outgrowth of the success of Living Lettuce Farms. In 1995 we opened Living Lettuce Farms, our hydroponic farm, not as a side business but as our only means of support. While most small farms fail within the first two years, Living Lettuce Farms continues to run strong. That's because we're experts at what we do! In fact, BetterGrow Hydro was the first store in the country that founded and still owns and operates a successful commercial hydroponic farm that utilizes the Nutrient Film Technique to produce a wide variety of the highest quality lettuce and herbs in Southern California. 

Living Lettuce Farms caters to L.A.'s finest restaurants, health food stores and caterers. We have been featured in numerous newspaper articles and television programs. In addition to hydroponic lettuce, we are also registered organic growers of baby greens mixes, edible flowers, heirloom tomatoes, peppers and melons. As a result of the success of Living Lettuce Farms we opened BetterGrow Hydro, our "extreme gardening" retail and online store, which gives people around the country and around the world the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of hydroponics and indoor gardening.

The bottom line: At BetterGrow, we don't just sell hydroponics products; we give our customers what they need to be successful growers themselves. And that's priceless.

If you do not see the hydroponics gardening product you want, please contact us. We carry many other indoor gardening products in our warehouse that are not listed on our site. We are experts in the field of hydroponics and are happy to answer any questions you may have.