Centurion Pro Kief Collection System For Gladiator & 3.0

The Centiruon Kief Collection system replaces the inner and outer bags and allow you to collect high-quality pollen while processing your product. Sold as a set of two bags. 

Please note: this product is for the Gladiator and 3.0 models. 

Centurion has discontinued the old inner/outer bag system, so if you need a replacement bag this system is what you need. 

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The Centurion Keif Collection System replaces the inner and outer bags on your Centurion Trimming Machine. Kief Collection Bags sold as a set. Centurion has discontinued the old inner and outer bag setup and is only shipping machines with the Kief Collection System. 

Keif is becoming wildly popular due to the rise of extractions.Unfortunately, machines that require sprays can contaminate and destroy your keif, therefore making it virtually useless.Thankfully, CenturionPro uses a non-stick Quantanium coating on our tumblers. This means no spray is needed so your keif remains 100% pure and usable. To further benefit growers, Centurion developed a new double-bag filtration system. This system will assist with keif collection, separating it from your trim. This allows you to safely and easily collect the precious trichomes for further processing and profits.
Please note this product is for all Centurion Trimming Machines except for the 3.0 and Gladiator models which require their own seperate bags. 


The green leafy trim will collect in the new inner black bag.

Only the Kief makes it through the black bag and collects in the outer mesh bag.

The 2 bags are combined to collect and separate both the leafy trim and Kief.

Turn off the machine and remove the inner bag and then extract Kief. ENJOY!

Additional Info
Additional Info
SKU 10837
Dimensional/Billable Weight (lbs) 3
Length (in.) 12
Width (in.) 6
Height (in.) 6
Country of Manufacture United States
Manufacturer Centurion
Brand Centurion
Vendor Item # gl-038
Manufacturer Warranty Yes
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $299.00
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