Botanicare Nutrients and Enhancers The Botanicare line of nutrients and supplements include every product that any hydrogardener would need. The line includes organic and bio-organic plant foods, supplements, as well as soilless grow substrates. They are also the undisputed leader in plastic tray, reservoirs and complete hydroponic systems. For over 15 years, Botanicare (formerly known as American Agritech) has been a leader in the hydroponic retail market. They work with some of the greatest scientists and researchers in their field to come up with their award winning products. When it came to designing a simple to use but commercial quality single part nutrient they employed Dr. Lynette Morgan who came up with their CNS17 line of base nutrients. Other products, such as Sweet, Liquid Karma and Pure Blend are still staple items in most stores today. Their commitment to quality and excellence has continued to keep them at the top of the list when it comes to the tools of the trade for us indoor, organic and hydroponic growers.

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