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Blueprint Lay the foundation for healthy plants and consistent yields with Blueprint Controllers® advanced automation technology. Blueprint instruments command light, atmosphere and water on your terms, customizing every facet of your indoor garden climate to create a high-performance environment that runs on your schedule. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing your garden is in good hands, with integrated safety features ensuring the reliable operation of every Blueprint product. For every indoor garden system, you’ll find the tools to make it simpler with Blueprint Controllers—the Foundation for Automation.

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  • Dual Outlet Digital Timer

    An excellent value! This Dual Outlet Digital Timer operates in increments as small as one minute, making it perfect for CO2 systems, water pumps, ozone generators, etc. and the 15A/1200W capacity means you can use it to control lighting systems as well. It also features a manual on/off override switch, an indicator light and a battery backup to save your programmed times (battery included). These timers are grounded and extremely easy to use with most indoor appliances.


    • UL Listed
    • Each timer has 2 outlets which allows for a combination of lights and/or accessories
    • 15 amps max load
    • It is recommended not to exceed 12A
    • Battery backup (to save programs)
    • Program up to 8 on/off cycles
    • Minimum setting time: 1 minute
    • Maximum setting time: 7 days
    • Dimensions: 78 mm high x 66 mm deep x 90 mm wide

    Please note: This unit features a built-in rechargeable battery.  Some of these units may arrive without a charge.  To recharge the battery, plug the unit into a 120 volt wall outlet and press the round reset button marked 'R' located on the front of the unit. 


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  • Dual Outlet Analog Timer - 120V

    The The Dual Outlet - 24 hour programmable timer is the perfect timing solution for your high wattage lighting or hydro systems. With two outlets and a 15 amp capacity, it's easy to set to run CO2 systems, pumps, fans, ozone generators, etc. and the 15A/1800W capacity means you can use it to control lighting systems as well. The The Dual Outlet Analog Timer has 96 non-detachable 15 minute trippers and can be configured in numerous timing schedules to meet the most demanding timing requirements. It also features a manual on/off override switch. These timers are grounded and extremely easy to use with most indoor appliances.
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  • 400 HPS Econo Wing DIGITAL Grow Light System

    Digital ballasts offer many advantages over magnetic ballasts, including lower energy consumption, less heat production, less noise (virtually silent), higher lumen output and lower lumen depreciation (lumen output of lamp doesn't drop as quickly each month as it does with a magnetic ballast).

    These lighting systems come complete with everything you need to grow plants indoors, including the bulb, ballast, reflector, socket assembly, 15' lamp cord and wire hooks for hanging reflector. They are pre-wired and take only a couple of minutes to setup.

    These systems come with the best digital ballast in the business - the Lumatek Digital Ballast.

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