American Hydroponics

American Hydroponics Supplies/Systems For over 30 years, American Hydroponics has been providing people with cutting edge hydroponic gardening and farming equipment. They were one of the first companies to bring NFT farming equipment to the U.S. They are most known for their enhancers, Dark Energy and Super Nova, that employ the use of amino acids and pack quite a punch and can shave up to two weeks off a typical growing cycle. They now specialize in commercial hydroponic farming supplies, equipment and consulting. In fact, BetterGrow Hydro's own commercial hydroponic lettuce farm was created back in 1996 with the help of American Hydroponics' owner, Michael Christian, and the farm continues to flourish today. If you're considering a hydroponic lettuce farm both American Hydroponics and BetterGrow Hydro is available for everything from planning and consulting to equipment design, sales and installation.

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