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Nanolux Digital Grow Lighting

You've heard a lot about Gavita's e-Series ballasts and their EL1 and EL2 controllers. The fact of the matter is they are difficult to program due to their simplistic user interface and offer limited features and functionality. Also, the wires. If you've ever been in a warehouse running Gavitas and EL controllers you know exactly what I'm talking about. Look up and you'll see a spaghetti factory of wires running from the controllers to the ballasts. The NCCS does just about everything the Gavita EL's do and more, and they cost less!

Nanolux NCCS
The NCCS is absolutely the coolest way to control your Nanolux lighting systems - from 1 to 999 ballasts or fixtures per DTU (Data Transfer Unit) - and completely wireless! Nanolux DE fixtures have quickly replaced our Gavita sales because the fixtures offer virtually the same performance, with a lower failure rate and a lower price. They also manufacture some of our most popular DE and SE ballasts. The other great thing about Nanolux is their Cloud Control System, which blows the doors off the Gavita EL1 and EL2 controllers and just about any other lighting controller on the market today.

With traditional grow lighting, you need to purchase controllers for every 4, 8 or 12 lights you have. These controllers are usually hard-wired by an electrician and plugged into a timer to control the light cycle. Not only does the NCCS do WAY MORE than a typical controller, it requires no hard wiring and is less expensive than a single 4-light controller, and controls up to 999 lights!

One of the great features of the NCCS is the two-stage high temp shutoff feature. Here's an example of what it can do. Say the temperature in the room gets above 85°F (or whatever temp you choose). The NCCS will automatically dim all the lights in order to reduce the temperature, while keeping the lights on. Now let's say the room continues to rise to 90°F (or whatever temp you choose), even after dimming the lights, maybe due to an air conditioner malfunction. The NCCS will then turn the lights off and keep them off until the temperature falls below the setpoint you configured. If you purchased a standalone high-temp shutoff device it would cost almost as much as the NCCS DTU does, and you very well may need multiple units, and they still wouldn't give you the two stage functionality the NCCS DTU does.

Nanolux NCCSThe Nanolux Cloud Control System was designed and engineered to provide a complete solution for the control of the lighting and environmental controls of a grow room. The NCCS system allows for precision control of all devices in a grow room through its simple and intuitive computer software program.

At the heart of the NCCS is a free software program which allows you to specify all of the parameters of your lighting and environmental control settings in your room. The program is then downloaded from your computer to the DTU (data transfer unit). The DTU is the brain of the system and communicates and controls all of the selected functions in the grow room through wireless modem communication. The DTU controls lighting ballasts and environmental control devices by communicating wirelessly with individual RTU (remote terminal unit) USB devices. The NCCS system currently allows for precision control of your lighting system with dimming, multiple lighting areas, high-temperature dimming features along with fan control. The NCCS will be adding C02 functions, humidity and temperature control, pH and nutrient control, pump control and remote camera features in the near future.

The original Nanolux ballast was launched in 2011. Now, Nanolux is following up with the Flip Series, NF Series, Cube Series and Dual Series ballasts. Nanolux ballasts will operate HPS and MH lamps and include a random start feature, giving each ballast a 0-15 second window to strike the lamp which allows for a lower initial power draw when using multiple ballasts, eliminating the possibility of power spikes. In addition, Nanolux ballasts are programmed with “soft start” and “soft dimming” functions which help extend lamp life, short or open circuit protection, and thermal overload protection. Nanolux ballasts operate on 100-265 volts and utilize an LED notification system. This indicator allows the user to easily diagnose problems such as fan failure or non-optimal voltage. Customize your light output between 50%, 75%, 100% and SuperLux Lumen (SuperLux capability not included by the Flip Series.) In addition to stand alone ballasts, Nanolux now offers NanoluxDE, a double ended fixture and a Remote DE (double ended) digital ballast.

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