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Galaxy Digital Ballasts

Galaxy is the premier electronic ballast in the hydroponics and horticultural industry worldwide, with proven product reliability in all types of growing environments.

Galaxy Electronic Ballasts offer rugged dependability and superior output compared to magnetic ballasts. There's a wide selection of options to choose from, such as, the technologically advanced Galaxy Digital Logic Series, the mega-powered Galaxy Grow Amp 1500W - the "muscle car" of electronic ballasts - to the versatile Galaxy Grow Amp 400W Select-A-Watt with Turbo Charge and everything in-between... plus, the dynamic Galaxy Legacy ballast and the new Galaxy DE ballast.

We attribute our success to constantly striving to bring the highest quality products and the best possible selection we can offer to our customers. Thank you for choosing Galaxy, because our reputation is built on your satisfaction & success with our products.

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  • 1000 HPS DE Boss - Complete System

    DE (Double Ended) fixtures offer several advantages over traditional single ended (or "mogul-base") fixtures, including significantly longer lamp life (the light output doesn't degrade as quickly as it does with conventional lamps), higher PAR (plant-usable light) and lumen output, and no shading due to the wire frame used in conventional HPS lamps. You will absolutely notice an increase in plant growth and yield and you will actually save money over time because you will be purchasing replacement lamps less frequently.

    These lighting systems come complete with everything you need to grow plants indoors, including the bulb, ballast, reflector, socket assembly, 15' lamp cord, wire hooks for hanging reflector and instructions. They are pre-wired and take only a couple of minutes to setup. 

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